Why Walnut Creek vs. Others

Every industry offers a range of quality. High-end results for you are our pride and joy.
We never sell an item randomly…without knowing what it is or what it’s worth.
We have a large following of great buyers…from tools to antiques to artwork to glassware to furniture to specialty items…even entire business closeouts.


We’ve been honored to sell out a large manufacturing firm, a privately held gun and ammo retail store, a welding company, a bankrupted kitchen and bath company and all excess inventory at an auto dealership. We’ve covered nearly every circumstance you can invent. From dozers to fragile, valuable glassware…from welders to toys…from press breaks to leaded glass toothpick holders, there isn’t much we haven’t handled.

Licensed Employees

Every key employee is required to continue high-intensity education in order to stay abreast of trends, laws and responsibilities.

Consumer Laws

Because we’re licensed, we’re required to deposit funds from your sale in a separate, non-interest bearing account, and we’re required to pay you prior to paying ourselves. We have 30 days after the sale to do so. They don’t have those laws in Iowa.

Contractual Agreements

All auctions are conducted under a written, detailed contractual agreement so every seller understands all terms and conditions prior to the sale.


Our staff has been through auctions of every type and we’re heavily involved in state auctioneer association management and governance. Our knowledge comes from experience, interaction with a large group of auctioneers, extensive research and continuing education. Teaching new auctioneers at our college forces us to be on the cutting edge of information pertinent to both buyer and seller.



When we find a unique piece of glassware, an old piece of furniture or some oddity not commonly found, we don’t just toss it in the line-up and sell it. We sell it only after we have a full knowledge of its value. That’s an uncommon approach in the auction world, but we’re committed to not selling an item we know nothing of.


Obviously, the more buyers at an auction, the better. And knowing the right ones is what we know. We have one of the highest percentages of buyers: attendees ratios in the industry with more than 90% of registered bidders actually purchasing at our sales. That’s the result of more than 30 years of extensive marketing experience at work. And we have a long list of attendees and what they buy that we contact whenever we have their favorite items.


Our staff is professional and friendly, yet extremely business-like. There is no room for arrogance or mistreatment of a client. You be the judge when you consign or buy from us.

Geography Means More Reach Means More Customers Means More Money For You

Walnut Creek has an extensive reach from Peoria, IL to the Quad Cities to Rockford to Chicago to Des Moines, a geographic area of nearly 300 miles across. We know the buyers, sellers and properties in that area. That geography means more reach, more buyers for your property and more money for it as well.

The industry’s only Price Protection Program™

Every seller is offered the industry’s only Price Protection Program™ by Walnut Creek, assuring them of receiving the fair market price for their merchandise. Ask about it.