We specialize in three primary areas:

1) commercial and industrial business liquidations

2) personal estates and

3) consigned valuables.

We use these services to liquidate your assets and convert them into cash.

Live auctions at our facility
On-site auctions
Walk-through auctions at your facility
In home or business tag sales
Online timed auctions
Internationally broadcast live auctions
e-Bay sales
Insta-Buy online merchandise sales
In-home sealed bid auctions

Estate settlement offers asset assessment of valuables, packing and moving merchandise, cleaning home for sale-ready (realtor or auction), inventorying and photographing all assets for your and our records, full marketing services of any events designed to sell the assets, cleaning assets and aligning all merchandise for maximum presentation value on sale days.

We work exclusively by written contract with all terms and conditions, we put your funds in a non-interest bearing escrow account and we pay you within 30 days of the sale dateā€¦prior to paying us. All of our income comes from sale proceeds so you front no monies.